Women’s March on Washington a Success

Keiko Yamura, Reporter

Protesters from the Women’s March on Jan. 21st.

A Women’s March was conducted on January 21st to make women’s voices heard in this country. This march was an effort conducted by four national co-chairs and a national coordinating committee that have been working diligently to put it all together.

This is a peaceful protesting organization that welcomes anyone and any organizations that are committed to equality, diversity, and the rights that all women should have. Not only are these protests taking place in the U.S, but all over the world as well.

This march is a global network of advocacy for women’s rights and is meant to advance the rights of all women all over the world. Global sister marches took place in all 7 continents, proving that this is meant to impact people across all nations.

The January 21st march consisted of over 1 million people turning out to advocate for women’s rights. Not only did a lot of women show up, but a large number of men also turned out as well. Some of the protesters’ signs include sayings such as, “Make America think again”, “Dump Trump!”, and “We will speak up for our neighbors and our planet”.

The Women’s March was such a huge success yielding in so many more people than previously expected. This shows that Americans definitely know how to utilize the right that is peaceful protest. Women are still optimistic about being allowed the rights they deserve and Americans will continue to speak up for women in this country, as well as women all over the world.