Funding for a Friend


Michael Bartolome was a staff member of Ka Leo Nā ʻOpio and instrumental in helping to step up the production of the Morning Bulletin.

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

Michael Bartolome was a Kohala High School student, just like me, and also happened to be my long time friend for almost 5 years now.  He was extremely athletic and stayed committed to tennis, and while I played I would notice that he would be the only one who always had a smile on and off the court.  He always strived for good grades and never said no to a friend in need.  

These are all reasons why I was so surprised to find out that he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  I knew as his friend I had to do something, so that’s when I decided to arrange some sort of community fundraiser full of games, activities, and food.  While it was not my initial plan, this progressively formed into my new Senior Project and it was more than generous enough of my mentor, Mrs. Pasco, to transition from one project idea to another.  

For this project, I will need as much help as I can get, whether it is for extra students to help work booths or just simply ideas for activities to be held at the fundraiser.

I will soon post an informational post that would have where it will be, how do we get everything, and everyone we need with little to no cost in order to maximize profits on proceeds.  I will also need to locate bands or other entertainers that are going to be able to temporarily be a non profit service, get information or requirements on being a food vendor, and view all available activities that Michael loved and fuse that in.  

Out of all of that, our projected date, although not final, to have the fundraiser should be on the 25th of March at Kohala High School.  It is important that you or someone you know would volunteer to help, so please contact Kohala High School to ask about how you can help me change my friend’s life.