New menu? Student Opinions.

Kohala High School has been apart of the Farm to Schools program for awhile now, let’s find how out how the students feel about it!

“How do you feel about the Menu?”

“I like how we have new options but sometimes they serve the same things over and over again. It gets boring after awhile.”
-Kahiau Kapeliela

“I’m disappointed by how slowly they got started and I’m upset that I haven’t seen them serve more of the meals that kids have voted on.”
-Kaya Galan

“The food is good but they should give out bigger servings”
-Devyn Redican

I personally believe that the Farm to schools program is a great way to encourage students to care about their meals and what they put in their bodies. I do however that we could see more diversity in our meals instead of the same thing served a couple times a week. With that being said I’d like to thank the cafeteria staff for all their hard work and I’d also like to say that we (the students) do see and understand how hard everyone works. Here’s hoping that we can all work together to improve our meals.