Zealandia continent in Pacific Ocean

Destiny Souze, Reporter

A new continent has been found!

Zealandia, a 4.9 million km2 area of the southwest Pacific Ocean was believed to be apart of Gondwana according to CNS Science. Today Zealandia is 94% submerged.

GNS Science geologist Dr. Nick Mortimer stated his opinions on the discovery : “Several islands, notably New Zealand and New Caledonia are connected by submerged continental crust across a large area of Earth’s surface,”

“This region has elevated bathymetry relative to surrounding oceanic crust, diverse and silica-rich rocks, and relatively thick and low-velocity crustal structure.”
“Its isolation from Australia and large area support its definition as a continent — Zealandia,”

All of this just goes to show how little we know about the Earth.