February 21, 2017


9th, 10th, and 11th graders: Pls. be advised that if you are late on your Feb. 28 special schedule day, you will need to do the MAKE UP TEST in March. Also, YOU WILL NOT be able to participate in testing on the 28th, if you come to school after 8am. So, PLS. BE SURE TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP AND COME TO SCHOOL ON TIME!!!

SENIORS: Senior Quotes Guidelines: 200 characters (including spaces). If it is longer than 200 characters, the yearbook staff and advisors reserve the right to shorten it. You are not permitted to use any foreign language (unless you get a foreign language teacher to sign off on it and bring the note to Mrs. Hoy in Room 34). You are not permitted to use obscene, offensive, or inappropriate language, nor are you permitted to make references to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and/or sex. You many not use numbers, initials, codes, capitalized letters in sequence, or abbreviations—no exceptions—PERIOD! You must spell out fully each word that you use. As per Department of Education rules, you may not refer directly to Allah or God in your quote, but you may use a Biblical quotation or a quote from the Koran if you wish, as long as it does not endorse a specific religion. You may not use language that denigrates another’s ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexuality, sexual orientation, or gender. You may not make references to killing, slaying, or make any violent statements in general. You may not say anything negative about the school.

**Your quote should be well chosen and represent your best assets, as it will record who you are for years to come. If the quote is ambiguous or has a negative connotation, the editors, staff, and advisor reserve the final right to determine whether it is published in the yearbook. If you do not abide by all of the rules above with your quote, your quote will be pulled and you will not have any quote appear under your name in the yearbook. The choice is yours!!! If you are unsure as to whether or not your quote will be deemed acceptable, please check with Mrs. Hoy, the yearbook advisor, as to its appropriateness. Upload it to turnitin.com (Class ID 14736245, Password is YRBK2017)due date March 1. **Thank you to the Seniors who have gotten their baby photos turned in!

Juniors: Pls. pay your $15 for your class shirt to Ms. Tanaka, Jashel or Cheyenne ASAP!! All shirt purchases were approved by each buyer prior to sale. Pls. honor your word!

Attention Seniors: The Manuel Family Scholarship Fund is awarding several scholarships in the amount of $500 – $1,000 to graduating high school seniors of Kohala High School. Recipient(s) are chosen by a selection panel. All graduating high school seniors planning to enroll full time in any two (2) or four (4) year institution of higher learning are eligible. The scholarship can be used for educational expenses such as tuition, books, fees, supplies, room and board. The Scholarship Application Form can be obtained from Mr. Bizuneh. The deadline is April 1, 2017.

Attention Seniors: Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union will be awarding eight $2,500 scholarships to Big Island graduating seniors with plans to attend 2 or 4 year post secondary school. Post secondary schools include: universities, vocational schools, technical schools, community college all with a minimum two year curriculum. Please go see the college and career counselor, Mr. Bizuneh for more information. The application deadline is Monday, April 3rd.

Attention Seniors: Are you interested in a career in accounting? If so the Hawaii Association of Public Accountants Scholarship may be for you. Please go see the college and career counselor, Mr. Bizuneh for more information. The application deadline is Friday, March 31st.


*9th, 10th, and 11th graders: Testing day is NEAR!  Feb. 28th is a SPECIAL SCHEDULE day. Seniors will be working on Senior Projects; Juniors will be taking the ACT exam; Sophomores and Freshmen will be taking the ACT Aspire Summative test. The schedule and assigned classrooms for Feb. 28 are posted in front of the library, by Mrs. Stafford’s office, and by Mr. Bizuneh’s office. Check it out TODAY!

Juniors! Today is the day to complete your ACT Pre-Test. The following juniors need to report DIRECTLY to Mr. Douglas class (room 35) during period three:            Louis Arraujo, Miranda Canniff, Kiele Carpio, Zekaria Duque, Antoinette Fernandez, Marc Francisco, Whitley Francisco, J Sean Giron, Seth Knappe, Cayshen Laau-Silva, Naomi Ney, Andrew Pale, Ian Rivera, Nevan Robertson, Dreg’n Roque-Lewis, Jacob Salvador, Keoni Tavares-Matsuda and Chris Tinfo.

The following juniors need to report DIRECTLY to Mr. Douglas class (room 35) during period five: Cj Agbayani, Nicole Castillo, Brogan Colovos, Reece Hooton, Symphony Kauanoe, Kahoali’I Lewis, Zazttaney Matsu, Kaid Nickl, Isaiah Salmoiraghi, Bayleigh Wiernicki.

All students will receive a call slip during period 1 today.