Na Leo Hou All-State Choral Festival

Seven of our Kohala High School students had the chance to go to Oahu to participate in the Na Leo How All-State Choral Festival. They spent 2 days practicing really hard for their performance which was on Saturday, February the 18th. Their music director was none other than Karen Kennedy. She is the Associate Professor and Director of Choral Studies of Frost School of Music of the University of Miami. She did an amazing job conducting, helping everyone, and making the event possible. Speaking of making things possible. Alec Schumacker, the Lecturer in Music of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Music Department helped put the whole event together.

16 other schools were there to sing for the Festival. Over 380 students participated in this event including Kawehe Amina, Syncier Rabang, Mya Barch, Kalia Emeliano, Easton Chong, Nathan Romero, and Justus Ventura. Mya Barch thought it was amazing to see how much committed people there were in the room. As a freshman and one of the people who got to participate in this even, I, myself, thought it was so amazing to see how much students from other school wanted to participate in the event. And that was only people from Hawaii. I loved how beautiful we sounded every time we would rehearse and especially when we performed.

The songs performed were Consecrate the Place and Day, Haste Thee Nymph, The Music of Living, Shout Glory,and Aloha ‘Oe. Most of them are Gospel Music and are very catchy. For Aloha ‘Oe, they didn’t only sing, but they did a bit of hula too. It was an amazing sight to see!

Many schools performed their own songs for everyone to hear. Just the day before the performance, there was a special choir that came to perform. They had to wake up at 12 in the morning to come from California just to perform here in Hawaii! The Napa High School Choir! They have a reputation for excellence in local, area, state, and international competitions winning top awards for many years. They also tour to many places including Hawaii. They did such an amazing job!

Many wonderful people sang and many beautiful songs were sung. It was such an amazing experience and it made me love music more than I already do.I hope to go back next year and do even better than before.