Way To Go on the ACT

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

Congratulations on the testing on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Kohala High School. You’ve all done so well!

Freshman and Sophomores have completed the majority of their ACT Aspire Summative Tests. Soon, they will finish their writing and reading exams. Keep it up! To celebrate your spirit, you will be given some treats in class next week Wednesday, March 8!

Junior class had 100% attendance, participation, and completion for their ACT exam. To celebrate, they will be treated to a Sundae Wednesday !

Congratulations Seniors for a very productive Senior Project work day. The school staff is discussing ways in which they can continue to support our Seniors in completing their Senior Projects. Please continue to work in Advisory, English classes, and after school. Also, please continue to listen to the bulletin for when the Senior Project help sessions are.

Again, you’ve all done so well and have worked super hard on the ACT. Keep up the good work Kohala High School.