Cowgirls Defeat HPA in Slugfest

Keiko Yamura , Reporter

The Cowgirls got their third win against HPA in a 15-5 TKO on Tuesday March 2nd. The game was looking very good for Kohala in the first inning with the girls shutting out HPA 3 up, 3 down.

With senior Jurnee Keawe starting on the mound, HPA was having a very difficult time trying to touch her ball, but the defense eventually needed to work and earn that 3 up 3 down inning.

When the Cowgirls went up to bat in the first inning, they got to base with ease. HPA’s pitcher had a difficult time hitting the strike zone and let a lot of girls walk. The Cowgirls almost went around the lineup two full times in that first inning alone.

When Ka Makani went up to bat, it looked fairly similar each time. They had difficulties timing and hitting Keawe’s ball and did not score very much in the first three innings.

HPA eventually changed their pitcher realizing she was having difficulties hitting the strike zone against the Cowgirls. Their change in pitcher really changed the pace of the game because she gave the Cowgirls something to hit.