KGoodnightMoses presents “Fearful” showcase

Daryl Diaz, Reporter

More than 30 students watched Kohala High’s Performing Arts Club, KGoodnightMoses, Fear Showcase called “Are You Brave Enough?” Last Friday, on November 4th, the showcase was presented and it consisted of terrors and personal fears. Not only did the audience think the showcase was a success, but so did the performers.

Seniors, Tristan Francisco and Saian Smith, were asked about how cool and entertaining the showcase was. Smith said, “The showcase was really fun and cool to watch.” She liked the idea that there are performances that students can watch during school. She continued by stating, “I liked that one scene about jealousy and heartbreak because those are definitely fears that many people have.”

Anonymous performer talks about how fun it was to perform in front of his peers, “It was really nerve racking and scary, ironically, but when I acted it felt so natural and good to perform. I think it’s a good idea that we do these performances because students actually come to watch and support.”

There will be an upcoming play that KGoodnightMoses will present a short christmas play called, “Santa the Santa Stealer.” Francisco states, “There are to come, and I can not wait!”