Shaynee Akina


Hi, I am Shaynee Kaui’wai’ikalani Akina born and raised on the Big iSland of Hawaii, Kailua Kona side. I am currently 15 1/2 years old turning 16 on November 11, this year makes me a Junior which means I have one more year until graduation. My short term goals are to get a job now as I’m still in school, save money to get a car, and also to get good grades to get at least a 3.0 GPA and up.  My long-term goals are to graduate with the class I’m supposed to graduate with (2019), move to Vegas and maybe find a college school over there. After graduation I do not plan on going to college right after school but I do plan on working, and finding my own place to stay instead of living with my parents. I as a person don’t like to depend on anyone but sometimes I just have to, and I am also a straight up person. I really hate lies; it’s already known that nobody’s perfect so you don’t have to lie. Thank you for reading about me, Shaynee Kaui’wai’ikalani Akina … Aloha!