STUCO and Class Officers bond over leadership workshop


Jenna Nickl, Editor-in-Chief

Taking some much needed time away from school, the Student Council and executive class officers took a trip to North Kohala Public Library to discuss topics on Homecoming, Winterball, spirit week, and other assorted events that STUCO puts on. The hard-working officers were treated to a speech by Mayor Billy Kenoi, who was not only enthusiastic about the benefits of student government but also, reminded students about the advantages of being raised in a tight-knit community like Kohala. As Mayor Kenoi told students of his background and somewhat bumpy road success, the officers became comforted by the fact that errors are common and that perseverance is key. The officers spent the remainder of the day split in two groups- one discussing Homecoming and the other drafting the plans for Winter Spirit Week. All the officers then collaborated sharing their new ideas and creative dress up days. The basketball homecoming game will be versus mountain rival Hawaii Prep Academy on January 27th, 2012. Having fun playing with HPA’s mascot Ka Makani (strong wind) by selecting the theme “Blow away HPA” as the basis for the float and banner competition. The senior class officers voiced their opinions on the need for an increase in point value for more time-consuming aspects of Homecoming like the float, banner, male cheerleading and girl’s basketball game at the assembly. All the STUCO and class officers helped out the new freshmen class officers in learning the ropes of how to plan a successful homecoming week and what it takes to be a contender in winter spirit week. When all was said and done, all of the STUCO members left the workshop with new ideas, a better sense of the coming year and most of all, the pride of being a leader in student government.