Kohala High Halau to travel to New Zealand for cultural exchange

Kohala High Halau to travel to New Zealand for cultural exchange

Drawn by Isaiah Mamhot

Daryl Diaz, Reporter

A couple of Kohala High and Ke Kula ‘O Ehunuikaimalino students are traveling to New Zealand for a cultural exchange from November 21st through December 3rd.  Kohala High students mention that they are excited, not only about getting off the island, but also to learn more about New Zealand’s culture and, at the same time, sharing Hawaiian culture with the people they meet in New Zealand. Junior Breea Souza says “We are going on this trip to learn about their culture and share ours.”

Students who are traveling are also preparing what they will share with New Zealand students. “For about 9 weeks we’ve been practicing Kahiko and Auana hula dances, chants, prayers and the language of Hawaii for the trip,” says Junior Amber Souza.

In preparation, the students had a hula camp and listened to a special guest talk about New Zealand. He has lived in New Zealand all of his life, but is now living in Hawaii after his marriage to a woman who resides on Oahu. “He told us about New Zealand’s culture and what to expect when we are there,” says another Junior Kawai Moss.

The students in Kohala High who are participating in this program are Senior Kulia Aveiro-Kalaniopio, and Juniors Kawai Moss, Amber and Breea Souza. They all say they are really excited for this trip.