School-wide Bonding not scheduled for this year

Sierra Shaw, Reporter

Every year Kohala High School holds a school wide bonding during which grades 9 through 12 get together for the school day and participate in activities that are meant to bring the classes closer together and get students involved with each other. Unfortunately this year school wide bonding will not be held, due to planning issues.

Ms. Ubilas says, “School-wide bonding will not be held this year because it needs more meaning.” She continues with, “For some students itʻs a free day where we play in the water and get to slack off all day, when itʻs the exact opposite.”

Students at this school don’t know the meaning behind school wide bonding; most students think its a day where you get to skip class and do whatever you want to. School wide bonding is supposed to be a fun team work activity which involves the whole school.

Hopefully next year school wide bonding will happen and will be successful.