Proposed Dress-Code Policy; What they think VS. what we think

Recently the teachers and some of the staff of the school gathered for a meeting to discuss a new dress code policy, this was the outcome. (See photo below)

The new dress code made very clear that anything you wear must cover certain body parts AT ALL TIMES which include: buttocks, breasts, nipples, and all undergarments. This is totally understandable so I think they should just keep it simple. As long as your butt isn’t hanging out of your shorts and your breasts aren’t popping out of your shirt, any clothing should be acceptable.

The current dress code says that the shorts for girls must be mid thigh; from a personal point of view I am 5″6 and have VERY long legs, which doesn’t leave me with much options to long shorts because everything looks short on me. Also, this new dress code is mainly aimed towards girls; I’m not saying we’re not at fault, but we are not the only students that need to be addressed. Boys are hardly mentioned in the dress code.

Let’s talk about the “any clothing that reveals undergarments”, listed under things students may not wear (new dress code policy). Countless times I have seen boys underwear because their pants hang low. Of course the rule for bras not showing is totally understandable but bra straps? Give me a break. Not every girl asked for boobs and not every girl feels comfortable wearing a bra. Nipples are supposedly not allowed to be seen through a girls shirt, of course if the shirt is see through it is easy to see them; but since see through shirts break dress code violation they are addressing the imprints of nipples through shirts. Boys better start wearing bras because their nipples are pretty distracting through their shirts, am I right???

I know this is starting to sound like a complaint, and maybe it is to some, but I think if the school wants to renew the dress code policy they should involve the students and their opinions, and come out with an outcome that speaks for both the teachers and students.