September 29, 2017

Attention Seniors: remember your mentor interview and parent consent forms are due (hard copy) to Ms White on Monday, Oct 2. Please check Google Classroom for updates or See Ms. White or our VISTA Volunteers for assistance.

Makeups for Picture taking will be on October 20 Friday in the Library. Forms are available in the office. Seniors come to room 34 (Mrs. Hoy) to make your appointment time that morning when underclassmen are complete.

Want to attend a great Art school? One of which happens to be Mrs. Hoy’s alma mater? Well first, you have to get in. See Mrs. Hoy to find out what you need to do to prepare your portfolio or go to:, for more info.

Fall break is a perfect time to do this. Portfolio reviews for the California College of Arts &Crafts (San Francisco) and Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland) will be on Saturday, October 28th from10am-2pm in the Parker School Visual Arts Room. In one month’s time you can demonstrate what you have that an art school can help develop.


Please be aware that:

  1. CSC IS OFF LIMITS! Once you come to campus, you MAY NOT leave to go to CSC…not before school, not for recess, and not for lunch.
  2. This year we will continue to give confiscated vaping devices (“mods”) to the police department. Officers will give a ticket to the student who had the mod in his/her possession. This ticket will require a court appearance. To avoid this, please DO NOT bring vaping devices, liquid, or any vape paraphernalia to school.

Students who are not in an after-school program should not be loitering on campus after school.

If you are 15 1/2 or older and have a Driver Learner’s permit, we will be having a mandatory driver’s ed meeting onTuesday, October 3, during 1st recess in Mr. Kealoha’s class, room C18.   There is a change in policy regarding applications. All old applications that were submitted to me will be voided. You will receive a new application during the meeting for you to take home and complete and bring that with you and your parent/guardian to the Parent/Student meeting. We will also be having our first parent/student Driver’s Ed meeting onTuesday, October 17, at 6:30 pm in the school library. The parent/student meeting is a requirement and is count as 1.5 hours of classroom time. If your parent or legal guardian does not attend the meeting, you will not be able to continue the DE session.   If you have any questions regarding the meetings on the 3rd and 17th of October, please see Mr. Kealoha in room C18

All Drivers Ed students who have completed both the Drivers Ed classroom and Behind-the-wheel drives, and received their notarized certificates after September 9, you will not be able to make appointments for your road test with a DMV instructor until after October 6. If you did receive your certificates and it’s been notarized before Sept. 9, you can make an appointment with the DMV instructor at anytime. If anyone has questions regarding the scheduling of meeting or making an appointment for your road test, pls. see Mr. Kealoha.

Pls. continue to turn in your Federal Impact Aid Survey Forms to the office. If you have not given it to your parent yet, pls. do so immediately!!! Parent phone calls have started for those of you who did not turn them in yet. We are striving to get 100% surveys turned in ASAP. Thank you very much for those who already did!!

Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Yearbooks! Want to be able to look back at this year and see all the memories that were made? Preorder yearbooks NOW while the presale continues! Basic for $45.00 and Deluxe with your name printed on the cover for $50.00. Check out the poster in the hallway and bring your cash or check to Mrs. Hoy’s Rm. 34 during morning or lunch recess!

Homecoming is tomorrow! Please make sure that your floats are at the park by 8AM. Students walking in the parade should be there no later than 9:30AM for class counts.

Are you ready for some quarter wars? From October 1 to October 31 stop by the office and drop some quarters in your class jar and earn 25 points for each quarter collected. Want to deduct points from another class? Throw in some pennies, dimes and nickles into another class’ jar to help them lose points. At the end of the month the class that collects the most points will also earn an extra 100 spirit points. See the hallway bulletin board for more information.

Want to be able to wear your hat to school and in class without the teacher telling you to take it off? On Oct. 5 you can!! Donate $1 to the Heavenly Hats Foundation between Sept. 22 and Oct. 4 during first recess and receive a pass that will allow you to wear your favorite hat in class on Oct. 5. The Heavenly Hats Foundation donates hats to cancer patients across the US, so help support a good cause while you wear that hat. See Ms. Ubilas or the hallway bulletin board for more info.

The Student Credit Union is now accepting applications for 3 new student teller positions. This is a PAID job! If you are interested, pls. see Ms. Kise in Rm. 35 for an application.

The following students have bus passes ready to pick up in the office: Jessa May Campollo, Grant DeWitt, Moses Emeliano, Marc & Roy Francisco, Jarom Hook, Zay Moniz and Reyanna Savedra

The following students have missing packet forms. If you need another form, ask someone in the office.

Receipt Packet:                  Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Zekaria Duque, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Shiloh Perez, Reyanna Savedra and Wesley Van Housen.

Emergency Card: Haedyn Ayin, Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Zekaria Duque, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Kawika Paio-Bratt, Shiloh Perez and Wesley Van Housen.

School Parent Compact Form: Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Zekaria Duque, Moses Emeliano, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Shiloh Perez and Wesley Van Housen.

Media Release Form: Haedyn Ayin, Krisha Baustista, Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Mitchell Canniff, Zekaria Duque, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, John Hageraats, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Kawika Paio-Bratt, Kamani Provencal, Shiloh Perez and Kamani Provencal.

Technology: Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Zekaria Duque, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Shiloh Perez, Nathan Romero and Gabby Yamura.

Emergency Release: Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Zekaria Duque, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Shiloh Perez, and Benjamin Vakauta.

McKinney Vento Questionnaire: Aukai Aipia, Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Zekaria Duque, Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Kelsey Kapeliela, Damian Maria, Bryce Motomatsu, and Shiloh Perez.

Cell Phone Policy: Nainoa Canionero-Carvalho, Zekaria Duque, Johnnette Emeliano, Kaihawanawana & Kamaalea Emeliano-Solomon, JSean Giron, John Hageraats, Kaimana Kamaile-Isabel, Kelsey Kapeliela, MJ Macaspac, Joselyn Medeiros, Shiloh Perez, Gideon Rabang, Allysa Star-Boyle, and Logan Thornton.


Are you hungry? Come to the culinary Rm. 28 and grab yourself a musubi for $1.50 today afterschool.


Saturday:            Cross Country travels to Waiakea. Meet starts @ 10am.

Football hosts Pahoa. Game @ 1pm.