Girls Basketball Season is Almost Here!

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

Are you girls ready? Girls basketball is right around the corner! For all you girls who want to sign up and haven’t yet, sign-ups are in the main office. There are some girls who have signed up and hopefully more will throughout the week. So far, we have 1 Senior, 2 Juniors, and 11 Sophomores. There are no Freshman who have signed up yet. Don’t be scared Freshman! The coaches and players won’t bite!

Not sure who the coaches are this year? The Varsity Head Coach is Jacob Hook assisted by Duncan Anderson. The JV coach is Kelby Kaaekuahiwi who’s also assisted by Duncan Anderson. They’re encouraging Freshmen and first time basketball players to come out and try the sport.The JV head coach is hoping that the team can make a return trip to Oahu for states. If you have any questions about basketball, you can go to coach Kelby or listen to the morning bulletin.

Conditioning started on Monday, October 23 and will go to the day before try-outs. It’s from 3:30-5:3o in the afternoon and will be on the outside basketball court of Kamehameha Park . So, bring running shoes, a jacket, and something to drink. There will be no practice today do to the storm. Try-outs will start on Wednesday, November 1st to Friday November 3rd. If you know someone who would like to play or think someone should play, encourage them to sign-up and try-out for the Kohala High School Basketball.