Veterans Day!

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

This past Saturday, November 11 at the Hisaoka Gym, Kamehameha park was the Veterans Day Ceremony! It was an hour long from 11am-12 noon. All of our veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice were honored at this event. They even honored the last 442nd member from Kohala, Masa Kawamoto.


95 year old Mass Sergeant Masa Kawamoto enlisted in the military when Pearl Harbor was being bombed. There was a lot of distrust with the Japanese living on the island so, he joined for his family to show their loyalty. Masa Kawamoto  would trade his potatoes for rice because it’s what the local people wanted. Not only that, he was a non combatant cook who would risk his life bringing food up to the front line.


He was and still is very appreciated for everything he’s done. All of our veterans are. Take some time in the day to remember what they’ve done for us and our country.



Some of Masa Kawamoto’s things from the war

442nd Infantry Regiment Uniform
Masa Kawamoto’s items from the War

A Nisei Soldiers of World War II Bronze Medal