Joselynn Medeiros, Reporter

Hey it’s Josy. I’ve been having some interview’s with our seniors here at Kohala High.  I must say they all had wonderful answers for my 3 question’s… “How do you feel about being a Senior?”, “What were your difficulties?”, “What’s great about being a senior?”  Let the record show all interviews were random, most were shy…so understandable  but all were very helpful.

My every first interview was Ms. Miranda Canniff. On how she feels about being a senior is that “it’s less scary then being a freshman.” (I totally agree…even though my freshman year was pretty bomb, and even though I ditched most times, but hey, it’s all about growing and learning from your mistakes.) “It can also be sweet & bitter,”  Miranda added.

She can’t wait to leave, yet she doesn’t want to. High school days are days that hold the best times in school. Keep those memories forever.  But not all is sweet; Miranda’s most difficult times is trying to pass all her classes, and filling out her college applications, also PTP and senior project.

My second interview was none other then J Sean Giron!! Classic guy, super chill, nothing but laughs. How he feels as a senior is Happy and Sad…He doesn’t have any fears for being a senior.  What he loves about being a senior is “Senior Perks.”

A great friend of mine once told me, “Okay Joselynn, that’s enough. You need to stop; everyone can hear you!”

Dalhton Franco.One of the most trusting seniors I’ve met so far. Great personality! Always in his own sway. Dalhton say’s he feels he is not ready for society. His most difficult part for being a senior is trying to keep endurance. What he likes about being a senior is looking at his future and all the opportunities he has.

Coming in from the Keokea bonds we got two classic guys; nothing but smiles for miles. Always higher then the clouds. Great friends, they only keep to themselfves, ain’t about dat drama life. I actually got the chance to ask the two people that made me non stop laugh while during the interview: Andrew Pale and Kenoi Matsuta!! Andrew says he is stoked for be one senior. Kenoi is happy it’s his last year. Andrew has no fears for being a senior. Kenoi says senior project would be the hardest. What’s great about being a senior for Andrew is “He is outtah here!!” Kenoi’s greatest feeling about being senior is that “He made it this far.”

A lovely brazy girl named Whitley Fransisco, F******! loves being a senior and is so stoked to be graduating!

The hardest part about being a senior…would be senior project, PTP, also added work from classes.  But what makes her senior year amazing!! would be BEING THE TOP DOG!! & THE OLDEST IN THE THE SCHOOL!!

As I continued my interview, a student like no-other caught my eye and seemed to be the perfect person to ask how he feels about being a senior, and what might his difficulties be, and some perks about being a senior.

Bohdi Amar, feels excited yet afraid…afraid of the adult life, sadness has took a part of Bohdi…for he will miss being a kid, and his kid life…But what I say “no matter how old you may get on the out side, your soul remains young and free…it just takes the right person to bring that inner child out again.” He likes being a senior because there is less to do…at times, also you get to be the first to choose what classes you want. Also things as younger class man would have to do…you don’t have to do them as seniors. Also getting more of what you want is a perk! I highly agree with that.  Getting closer with your class, knowing its the last year you all might see each other! It’s sad but very exciting to see where everyone will be in 5-10 years! Now how he feels about being a senior…well its simple…”It’s great actually, no more having to look up to people, I take the roll of being a roll model.

This fellow student “senior” did not want her name known, I’m sorry.

(unknown)”feels like being a senior is stressful, and keeping up with home work and senior project is difficult. What’s good about being a senior…”not as much work.”

Missy Fernandez feels being a senior sucks, senior project and PTP is the hardest,. What is a perk about being a senior? She won’t be coming back next year!!

Zaz Matsu, feels great but at the end it’s sh****…leaving all your memories behind, all the hard work you ever did while being in school, for some they might not have worked as hard as others…but everyone has made some memories, at least one or two have to be good…but at the end of the day looking back at all you have accomplished, is a mind blower!  She agrees that senior project, PTP is hardest. But what she loves about being a senior is that she has made more friends and is still making new friends before she graduates!

Brahdah, Dayton: feels that it’s sh**** being a senior, but it’s also pretty killer… Some classes are hard, teachers give more work. But what they love about being a senior is…Seniority!

BehBeh(Lewis) Feels like being a senior is good, he feels free. What he doesn’t like about it is that all his friends has left…He was the type that would hang out with the older classmates, seniors before…But would he loves about being a senior is that it is his last year being here!