Basketball tryouts start this week

Zakary Javillonar, Reporter

The boys basketball has an average of 20 kids doing conditioning and those kids are planning to do tryouts. The school only has a certain amount of jerseys and there is a really high chance that there will be cuts this year due to the large turnout.

The kids that are really committed to playing this marathon like sport will make the team and if they are lucky enough they will get picked to play on varsity. The coach is running the kids a lot because he knows that it will pay off in the game where they will be in really good condition.

The basketball boys are currently doing tryouts this week and they are practicing from 8:30- 10:30pm. Practicing this late will for sure effect the boys in school because the practices are so late. So let’s see how these student athletes are gonna do in school.

So here’s to another year.