Wehilei Lim-Ryder – Miss Hula O Na Keiki 2017


Kailee Paro, Reporter

Presenting to you, your Miss Hula O Na Keiki 2017!  Brianna Wehilei Lim-Ryder recently participated in a very big Hula competition called Hula O Na Keiki on the island of Maui recently.  Wehilei answered to these questions…

What is Hula O Na Keiki?

“Hula O Na Keiki is a solo Hula competition for children ages five – seventeen.  Participants are required to learn, interpret and perform a specific Maui chant.  It is a way to express a new understanding and awareness of the Hawaiian culture through the art of Hula.  Hula O Na Keiki further recognizes the importance of the skills and mastery of other forms of Hawaiian artistry.  Enhancing self-worth and pride, the children may someday transform from haumana (student) to kumu (teacher).

How was your experience for the first time?

“My experience for the first time in Hula O Na Keiki, was truly amazing.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it made my dreams come true because I love hula very much”.

What awards did you win?

“Akoni Akana Cultural Scholarship for $1,000, First place Opio Interview, First place opio wahine oli, First place Palua Award, First place Opio Wahine Hula, First place Palau Costume and Adornments, Overall Opio Wahine, and of course Miss Hula O Na Keiki 2017”.

Brianna Wehilei Lim-Ryder is very honored and blessed to be this year’s Miss Hula O Na Keiki 2017.  Brianna is filled with so much intelligence and has earned this opportunity from the commitment she has put it since day one.  She would love to thank her family and especially her mom, Lorna Lim, who is her Kumu, for making her the person she is today.  She would also love to dedicate and celebrate this win with her beloved Tutu, an amazing woman who made history in Kohala, Mary Ann Lim!

Congratulations on your win Wehilei!