Cheyenne Fuertes: Team Player!

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

Cheyenne Fuertes ; one of our varsity setters for our Kohala Cowgirls volleyball team! She is a post/ for our Kohala Cowgirls basketball team! She’s our Senior for the Athlete of the Week Showcase!


Cheyenne has been playing Basketball since she was 7 years old and started volleyball at the age of 11. The reason why she started playing basketball was because of her brother and her cousin Cole. They all would play in the yard. That’s when she decided to sign up for P&R basketball. She started playing volleyball because all of her friends were playing at the time. Although she wanted to be on the same team, she didn’t get to be that year.

The Varsity Volleyball Team coming up with a play during the time out.


Junior Mikayla Kekoa says she is hard working, has funny jokes, and is very creative. Freshman Pililai Kaai thinks Chey is very supportive, constantly doing her best in being a player and a teammate, very enjoyable to be around, and she’s someone she looks up to in sports and life in general. Cheyenne’s teammates love having her as a part of the team.


Cheyenne’s hobbies are riding horse, going to the beach, sleeping, and taking pictures. Her achievement is becoming a setter for volleyball. She’s an average B student, can be focused sometimes, but she gets work done. Her future plans are to attend college. She hasn’t decided what college she’d like to go to yet. Then, she wants to work to become a physical therapist.


The Senior Class of 2018 ready for the Homecoming Parade!


She would like to leave you with a joke:

What do cows wear?

Mu’u Mu’u’s/ Moo Moos!