Sports Falling on the same day of Winter ball?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

On December 16th, a busy busy day, the day of our Kohala High School Winter ball 2017, but also the day of games and competitions for the basketball team, the swim team and the soccer team.

In my opinion, the schedules should have been decided before hand, so we wouldn’t have this jumble of sports and winter ball on the same day.  I know that there is a lot of team members, such as myself, that was looking forward to winter ball this year, but can’t because of the game that is scheduled on the same day.

Winter ball and my basketball game on the same day is a decision that I never did expect, but I really have no choice.  I am looking forward to my game on the 16th of December, considering this is my first year officially playing basketball since years, but I was also hoping that I will get to experience my first winter ball since I did not go last year.