Haleiwa murder suspects charged with crime

Kailee Paro, Reporter

On December 11th, 2017, an update was posted on HNN about Haleiwa murder suspects charged with the murder of Telma Boinville.  The two suspects Stephen Brown and Hailey Kai Dandurand were charged Saturday night with second degree murder and both are being held in police custody.

Telma Boinville was horribly beaten to death with a baseball bat by this strange couple.  The couple also tied up Telma’s 8 year old daughter, who was found upstairs duct taped.  Brown will have additional charges for first-degree burglary, kidnapping, and two outstanding warrants.  Dandurand is being charged for burglary and kidnapping.  Stephen Brown also has a record of community harm, such as abuse of his ex girlfriend hitting her multiple times.

The suspects were later found around the area of Mililani Walmart and arrested.  Prayers go out to the family and the crime couple deserves to be in prison for ruining an innocent lives.