Are High School Classes Benefiting Students’ Futures?

Sierra Shaw, Reporter

I am going to graduate in less than 2 years and I have never been taught how to apply for college,  how to mortgage a house, or even how to take out a loan. Those are the things that schools should be teaching us. There is a finance class at Kohala High school but it is an elective, aka NOT REQUIRED TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL.

Many times I find myself wondering when I am ever going to use the Pythagorean theorem or when I am going to have to remember if Thomas Jefferson died in 1826 or 1827. Maybe if you are going to be a history or math teacher it may be of some help, but not every student will.

Waking up at 5;55 every morning is not my favorite thing to do, so if I’m doing it as well as every other student shouldn’t it be for our benefit? I know it sounds really selfish but it is true, schools should be teaching reliable subjects for the students future lives.