Tree Decorating!

Destiny Souze, Reporter

It’s that time of year again! With Christmas right around the corner Kohala High decided to celebrate by having a tree decorating contest. Each class was responsible for decorating a tree with their own unique theme.


Freshmen :

The freshmen decorated their tree in their mascot, the Pueos ! They decorated their tree in mountains of lights and owls, sporting many different colors.




Sophomores :

The sophomore’s also decorated their tree in their mascots, the Wolves! They decorated their tree in their class colors, blue & silver. They added the names of every advisor and student in their grade to wish everyone a happy howling days!



Juniors :

The juniors decided to do an upbeat character Christmas! Decorating their tree with different christmas characters and even adding their own classmates photos to the tree.




Seniors :

The seniors choose a simple yet fun theme of Cowboy Christmas. They decorated their tree in white-yellow lights & cowboy hats.