Winter Break is 2 days away


Miranda Canniff

The Holidays are upon us! Classes showed their Christmas spirit before winter week in a tree decorating contest.

Kailee Paro, Reporter

It’s almost winter break, which means holidays of laughs and family/friends fun!

On December 22nd is our first day of winter break, and we Kohala High School students have two weeks to have fun and celebrate the holidays!  The main festivities coming up is, of course, Christmas and NEW YEARS!!  Christmas is the day of family and friends bonding and coming together, opening presents of joy.  New Year is the occasion to honor the new upcoming 2018 year and say bye-bye to 2017.

To the students of Kohala High School, have a safe and amazing two week winter break and we will all see each other in the next year 2018, with brand new blessed days and a brand new school semester!!