Stay Safe from Sports Injuries!

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

The thrill of winning a game, the experience of being a part of a team, and the excitement of trying something new is what sparks an interest in playing sports. Here at Kohala High School, we have lots of people who compete with other schools doing what they love. Those who play sports know the risk of being injured and have been one point in their life. Whether it’s a tweak, a sprain, or even a tear of a ligament, no injury should be taken lightly.

Our Kohala sports teams lose lots of players to sports injuries.  Three of the Kohala Cowgirls Varsity team were injured while playing. Maya Anderson hurt her ankle at the end of the senior night game. Zazttaney Matsu injured her foot during the play-off’s in Hilo. Kalia Emeliano tore her achilles tendon during a scrimmage before the season started and had surgery done to it. 

If you’ve never gotten an injury, let’s keep it that way. 1) Make sure to wear the necessary protective gear like knee pads, ankle braces, and other gear. The gear is support for your pain or injury but some also wear it to prevent an injury during sports. 2) Take some time off. You should have at least one day off throughout the week from from your sport to let your body rest. 3) Stretch before and after your practices. 4) Don’t play through the pain. If you’re in pain, let your coach or your athletic director know right away before it gets worse. 5) Always stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water can cause your muscles to cramp. For more information, you can check out Sports Injury Prevention Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics

It’s important to stay safe while playing sports because once you injure yourself, your body won’t function as properly as it did before. Even after it’s healed. Please keep these tips in mind when playing sports or doing any physical activity.