Whats in store for this new year; upcoming events!

Sierra Shaw, Reporter

As the new year of 2018 gets kicked off heres what to expect this year, the super blue moon eclipse, the Winter Olympics, and mars closest approach to the earth since 2003. The Super Blue Moon Eclipse is the second full moon in one month, on January 31 2018 the moon will create a mix of a lunar eclipse, a blue moon, and a super moon all in one! The moon will only be visible at night and will appear with an orange/red color, and will only last about one hour so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to look up what time the moon will be entering your timezone.  The Winter Olympics will be begin February 9 and end on February 25, the games will be held in South Korea with competitors from all over the world participating in winter sports like ice hockey, snowboarding, figure skating, bobsleigh, and many more.  On May 30 this year Mars will make its closest approach to earth in 11 years. When the clock strikes 5:35 pm (Eastern Time) Mars will be the closest to earth since 2003.