“Know Your Worth”

Joselynn Medeiros, Reporter

Wassup my peeps. I have attended Kohala high school for 3 years now going on my fourth. Its been a wild ride since day 1. Looking back at my freshman year at this school I’ve changed and been through a lot. I’ve ditched, skipped school, skipped class… all done just to be cool.

Honestly that’s not what being cool is. Being cool is going to class doing what you gotta do to get by. Staying outta drama, keeping to yourself and just enjoying your time here, and finishing school is the best and only thing anyone can ask for.

You need to know your worth; people all around you will try to knock you down but do not let them. Always be mind and heart strong. If anyone wanna fight, don’t even waste your energy and time; they are not worth it. Just continue with school follow your dreams make all your haters keep hatin’ While your stunten on all these fakes and wanna bes, you will be able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and say that you’re winning, they ain’t.

Stay away from people who only wants to be popular in high school, cause honestly being popular in high school ain’t all that. They are the ones who get talked about a lot. No one will take you serious unless you prove your own worth. But before you go out into the world after high school, do what all high school students should be doing. Go out and party stay up till the next day living life; be young and free. That’s what I’m doing. I’m still gaining my worth in finding out new things about myself. Most people right outta high school still don’t know their worth…So no worries if you don’t know yours right outta high school, just keep doing you and soon enough you will know your worth. You will go through ups and downs, just keep faith and every little thing will  be all right.

Please watch an amazing video on YouTube about knowing your worth. https://youtu.be/EiVouPGpvfw