Should high school start later in the day?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

Millions of high school students around the world feel like class time for high school teens should start later in the day.  Every day many students fall asleep in class because of the sleeping time their body is used to.  Each day of the week, high schoolers get up at around 6:00-7:00 to get ready for school; is that too early for us teenagers?

It is known that the average time of a teen’s sleep hormone to kick in is around 10:45pm, and the sleep requirement is 8-10 hours.  The healthiest wake up time for all high schoolers should be no earlier than 7:00.

When I come to school, each class that I sit it, at least one of my classmates is slowly falling asleep because of our bed time rituals, which makes it very hard for us to get up in the morning.  I also happen to slowly fall asleep in my classes, because even though I fall asleep around 10:45pm and wake up at 6:45am every morning, it still does not feel like enough sleep for me.