Possible Track 2019?

Nalani Andrews, Reporter

The 2018 track season will not take place this year, since the “interest survey indicated that there would not enough students for a team,” according to Ms. Koustik. However, the the survey was conducted by Ms. Koustik in May of the 2016 – 17 school year.   Less than 10 people signed up, which is the minimum amount of people to make tack worth having.

Some of the students who were planning on signing up are very disappointed.  For some, it is one less thing to put on college applications or less training for Cross Country in the Fall.  Since some of the Track and Field competitors almost made it to States last year, there was a very high chance of them going this year.

Those students who were going to sign up can tell Ms. Greene, and she can put your name on a list of people for next year’s team, which is likely to happen.  It is not a given that Ms. Greene will be the Coach, though she applied, but Ms. Koustik will choose the best person qualified.