Why is Hawaiian such an issue to the U.S.?


Damian Maria, Reporter

You may have heard the story of the man Samuel Kaleikoa Kaeo, a professor at the University of Hawaii, who refused to respond in court to English and spoke Hawaiian instead. The judge disliked his actions and dropped an arrest warrant against him. However, a new story is now trending about a boy named Kauapakanuiokeola Akana has been dumbfounded when the Social Security Administration denied an application for a new social security card due to complications because of his long Hawaiian name.

Because of that they were unfit for a new social security card; the boy’s father stated,  “For a person behind a counter to tell me I would have to go to a school to get a documentation to tell me that’s my son!,” Akana said. “That’s kind of a slap in my face. It’s like my son’s existence has been denied.”

The case is still going on; the Akanas are hoping for some resolution in the application process for government forms that will help other Hawaiian families facing the same issue, because they know they are not alone.

Sources: KHON2 News.


What has this union become? Hawaiian is our official language, does the 1st Amendment not mean anything to the government?.