What’s up with school lunch?


Damian Maria, Reporter

Last year there were various complaints about our school’s lunch. Through social media till this day, I’ve witnessed anger towards the school because of the kind of lunch they serve to the kids. Students have been handed out rotten fruits, and grumble about how small portions the workers give out.  The students of this school say, “Lunch time is the time where you eat and enjoy your free time. It’s supposed to be the place where students get the best healthy lunches like salads, sandwiches, and fresh fruits, etc.”

The students deserve better than this! After all of our efforts of trying to make this school look good we at least would like a nice/good healthy meal; that’s all we ask. Without our proper nutrients our bodies won’t be able to produce energy, and without energy we aren’t able to focus and learn. Everyday students go home hungry and exhausted.

It’s time for a change! It’s time for our great school to step up its game! It’s not fair to the students of this school!