The Complication of Getting a Driver’s Permit

Shaynee Akina, Reporter

You would never think of how much complications are involved to get a permit / provisionals …

To get a permit you will need both parents signatures if you have both parents names on your birth certificate, your social security card, Birth certificate , identification of your parents, proof of residence for you and your parents, and most importantly to pass your test with the maximum of 5 answers wrong out of a 30 question test.

Though it is simple to gather all your paper work together, it is complicated when your parents are split and both of their names are on your birth certificate.

From my own experience, my parents are split, I live with my mother and my father lives in Puna. In order for me to take my paper test I needed to get both of their signatures which was hard for me because my parents are busy parents for one and my father lives far. They didn’t allow my step dad to sign as my father because he wasn’t on my birth certificate . What they did allow him to sign was for proof of residence since I live under his house . As soon as I got both of my parents to sign we also had to get the paper notarized from the bank; mind you, we had to do this in Kona because it was the best place for my parents to meet due to the fact that my mother had to work that same day. The DMV in Kona was packed as usual and we literally waited 3 hours just for my number to get called and for me to have all my paper works to get checked and to get my paper test . However, it only took me 15mins to take my 30 question test and thank the lord I passed after that long wait.

Though there is a way they will accept one parents signature, but that one parent has to be the only parent on your birth certificate or one of your parents has to have Full Custody of you with proof and papers by the court stating that your parent has full custody of you .

So as a suggestion if you ever have to go through the complications I’ve been through, I suggest you study the Hawaii Drivers Manual book like I did so you make all the complications worth it and pass your test on the first try.