Miranda Canniff: Year Round Athlete

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

Introducing our Senior athlete of the week. She ran cross country and plays both soccer and tennis. It’s Miranda Canniff!

She’s been playing soccer since she was 4 years old. She started tennis her freshman year and cross country her sophomore year.

Being a part of all these sports, she has many teammates that she’s played with. Little does she know that she’s made quite an impact on them.

Jasmine Hook, a sophomore, ran Cross Country this year with Miranda. Jasmine says that Miranda is very passionate and reliable. She always has a positive attitude and is lively. She’s friendly and she can make everyone laugh. She’s a great role model, is very uplifting, and a peacemaker. She keeps the team together.

Pilila’i Ka’ai, a freshman, is a teammate of Miranda in soccer. Pilila’i says that Miranda is very encouraging, demonstrates commitment and hard work, and constantly shows heart whether its an easy game or a tough game.

Johnnette Emeliano, a senior, is one of Miranda’s teammates in tennis. Johnnette says that Miranda is an amazing teammate. She always helps the team when they need it, even if she’s unsure herself, she does everything to the best of her abilities. She’s a great role model. She didn’t wanna play singles but she did for the team. When she’s on the court, she knows what she’s doing. She makes sure to make everyone feel included. Johnnette admires that Miranda is able to balance her school life, her personal life, and her extra curricular activities.

Miranda is one of our editors for our Website Kaleo Na Opio and is a member of the STUCO. She was the Queen for the 2017 Winter Ball and is queen of the island of O’ahu. After high school, Miranda plans to go to college after high school in California and study Communication and visual design. When she has free time, she loves to take pictures and make art.


Miranda Canniff everyone!!!