Student needs should be the priority

Damian Maria, Reporter

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I asked some people about their teachers and how they teach. Most of them told me that their teachers are helpful and most encouraging when it comes to something challenging. Others, however, complained that some of their teachers don’t help them at all; they are just given an assignment and when it comes to a point where they’re in need of help, the teacher tells them “I’m doing something.”

Shouldn’t the students be the teacher’s top priority?  I thought that was what school is all about. Like instead of teaching their kids, some teachers are making students figure out things for themselves. They are doing the hard, messy work of learning. Teachers say that this is a style of teaching that promotes learning, but that’s not how students see it.

I asked the students a question which was, “So do you think your teacher should put more interest towards teaching kids (their students)?” Most of them answered yes. But what can we do about it? Could the teachers come to an agreement where this situation could be fixed, because school is education and education/knowledge  is what drives this world.

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