Are Schools Teaching Students Effectively?

Sierra Shaw, Reporter

I’ve been in public schools for 11 years, majority of that time spent here at Kohala High School. For every year, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, I was told to sit at a desk and listen to someone talk about something that goes in one ear and comes out the other. Of course in Kindergarten-5th grade it was easy because I was literally a child and I can’t speak for how I  felt back then about school, because let’s be honest, I was only there to see my friends; I was never excited to go to school to learn.

Sadly, it’s still the same. I come to school with the intent to hang out with friends, catch up with people I don’t usually see outside of school. Learning techniques of the other hand, that’s another story. As of this day I have 3 essays due, 2 articles to read (including 8 questions quizzes along with those articles), a whole book to read which requires a book report by the end of the quarter (which is in a week), some pointless things to finish in less than 10 days if you ask me. Telling students “read this, then write an essay to prove you learned something” really does no justice. If teachers want students to learn effectively, they should teach effectively.