Johnnette Emeliano: Our Senior Spirit!

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

Our athlete for this week is this years only Senior cheerleader and is now playing tennis. She’s Johnnette Emeliano.

        Johnnette has been cheerleading for 2 years now and has been cheering during football and basketball season. This is her first year playing tennis and she is really enjoying herself. 

Cheerleader Kamaile Gusman says that Johnnette is always full of energy and is very motivating. She also said that Jonnnette is like a big sister because she’s older than her. Johnnette really pumps up her team up when she cracks up some jokes.

Johnnette’s tennis teammate Miranda Canniff says that Johnnette is really encouraging. Miranda also says that it’s fun to be on the same team because she’s a positive and hard-working person. She sets an example for the rest of her teammates on the court.

Mr. Kealoha says that Johnnette is an excellent student. She’s always focused and diligent in all the work that she does. She is an A model student about being responsible.

Johnnette is an honor roll student and she works hard to get her work done. She works at the pharmacy in Kapaau Town. Her favorite things to do are spending time with her family and eat. After she graduates, nette will be attending BYUH. When she grows up, she wants to teach English as a second language.

Miranda Canniff

Miranda Canniff