Art at the Park!

Kalia Emeliano, Reporter

On Saturday, April 14th at the KIC in Kamehameha Park, there was an art show from 4-8 at the park displaying the work of students all ages and all grades. Even artwork done by our very own Kohala High School students was showcased. The show was for the artists, their families, and the community. Those who had their art work displayed wore a pin so that others knew that they were participants and ask questions.

There were many kinds of art that were presented at the show. There was performing arts, culinary arts, and lots of drawings and paintings that were all very unique. The little performance that was put on was an African Dance that included both fighting and dancing was called Capoeira. Shirley Garcia’s classes had prepared the pupus for that night. They made Ha (the stem of taro) Seasoned with Garlic Pork, Sweet Potato Leaf Salad, Kale Chips, and Bunelos (fried tortilla dipped in cinnamon. Many of Mrs. Margret Hoy’s classes participated in the art show and had their art work submitted. There were clay masks, paintings, fabric, pastel works, and some were made with small pieces of different colored paper.

All the art that was displayed and performed were truly amazing. All the students had done very well with their pieces and those who attended loved them. There is a possibility that there will be another art show in the near future. I hope you can attend the next one!