What a disaster! Oahu and Kaua’i hit hard by rains.

Damian Maria, Reporter

As you all know, Oahu has been getting hit hard from the past rainy days. From the news, “Two days after torrential rain flooded the area, the clean up continues in many in the hardest hit areas of East Oahu,” many houses where lost or damaged and others were flooded. A man named Jamie Ramirez and his wife Lucy were one of the families whose house rests on Kalanianaole Highway, that had been flooded.  Khon2 news interviewed them and they stated; “So the water started coming in, we tried to stop it and we couldn’t do it,” said Jamie. “It kept on coming and running and getting bigger and bigger and faster into the house.”  He then called his insurance company and started to do paperwork in hopes of covering what has been terribly lost.

The big question for me is “Should we prepare for what will happen? Because some things come unexpectedly, so wouldn’t it be better to be prepared before the next disaster like this comes and hits us instead? I mean, we should due to the fact that Hawai’i is IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN. We could be wiped out in a flash!