Expected Rapture on April 23rd?

Kailee Paro, Reporter

Rumors are going around the island and possibly around the world, that the rapture, also known as the world ending, is coming soon.  Do you believe this is true? Or is this just another 2012 like event?

What is the Rapture?  The rapture is supposedly known as the day Jesus comes down from heaven for his believers to be victorious over his enemies, and this was based off of Biblical prophecy.  The purpose of this is to save his believers to take them to heaven, while the nonbelievers suffer with consequences.  It is also said that this “rapture” will not be secret and we will know if it is really happening.  A video from Ka’u on the Big Island was sent everywhere.  This video contained a trumpet horn noise in the sky, and it is stated that trumpets in the skies are supposed to be a sign of the Rapture.

Many people will believe this, and many people won’t.  To me, this seems like another false alarm to our world and on April 23rd, it will be a usual Monday.