The Hate U Give; by far the realist book written

Sierra Shaw, Reporter

The Hate U Give is a book written by  black author Angie Thomas. The book takes place in the poor black neighborhood and the school she attends, which is a suburban prep school outside of her neighborhood. After the main character  witnesses her childhood best friend get shot by a white cop, everything gets stirred up with her being a witness, the cop not being arrested, and protests led in her friend’s name.

The main character “Starr” is faced with the challenge of mixing her two opposite lives in hopes of fighting for justice. The book is filled with real life situations that not everyone comes face to face with, but many people do. The book has gotten many uplifting reviews from other authors such as Jason Reynolds, John Green and other publishers.

Believe me when I tell you, this book is not for kids; it is very unfiltered and is filled with raw visualizations that should not be read by young eyes. The whole book is basically a slap of reality for people that have not experienced the life of a black person first hand. I highly recommend it to anyone who is open to look at life from a different point of view.