Kohala wrestlers start strong

Jasmine Santana, Reporter

On Saturday, December  3rd, the Kohala High School Wrestling team traveled to Laupahoehoe for their first J.V meet. That weekend only two of Kohala’s team members were able to compete, Israel Victorino(Rael) and  Isaiah Mahmot (Z-mo). The team members are Coby Amar, Cowboy Auweloa, Kevin Cadaoas, Isaiah Mamhot, Jacob Neula, Kauluwehi Obrey, Marvin Troutman, Israel Victorino-Rabang, and Jasmine Santana

Z-mo won all of his matches doing flips over his opponents causing them to hesitate with what move that they will do next. He wrestled a total of four matches and said, “I was really nervous at first. I mean the singlets are kind of uncomfortable, but I knew I had to pay attention to what the other guy was going to do. But the adrenaline rush was great….And I can’t believe I won my matches. It was great!”

As for Rael, he did lose his first match but came back from that; with help from Coach Travis Obrey, he won his last three matches of the day. Along with a fun take down and winning  23 points to 20 points on his last match, Rael said, “I was actually a little down at first, that I didn’t win my first match off the bat like Z-mo did, but the coaches did help me and give me some good advice. By the last match my calf was starting to cramp up when I had to do the constant take down and get back to my feet and trying to win by points, but the pain was worth it.”

Our newest addition to the team is Mr. David Santana as the new assistant Coach. As a former referee he thinks that this team is a very energetic and has a lot of potential. He is excited to work with us this year.