Elementary May Day will be at Hisaoka Gym on May 1

Zaylynn Moniz, Reporter

Due to the gym repair at the high school, the elementary students will be having their May Day celebration at the Hisaoka Gym located at Kamehameha Park. Three buses will be used to transport students from the school to the park three grade levels three a time, starting with grades 3-5 @8:15 and grades Pre-K through 2nd @9:00.

The program should end by 10:15 and parents will be able to sign out their kids. The remaining students will get on all three buses and be taken back to school until the end of the day.

The reason for doing this at the park and not our high school gym is due to the termite damage in ceiling making the gym an unsafe place. The permit to fix the gym has not yet been passed by the county so the start and end date is still not available until further notice.