Shocking Earthquakes in the area of Hilo

Kailee Paro, Reporter

On the other side of the island in Puna, an estimate of over 100 earthquakes were occurring, making the residents of Hilo really frightened.  Friday, May 4th 2018, two earthquakes hit, rattling all lands of Hilo.  The first earthquake that occurred was a 5.3, and about 30 minutes later, a second earthquake struck as a 6.9.

I was at the Hilo High school during the two big earthquakes hit and in my opinion, it was really bad.  Due to the Kilauea explosion, a lot of events have been occurring and affecting a lot of lands and homes.  It was a scary situation watching the ground shake, looking up and seeing the gym rattle, looking like it was going to collapse, and seeing my close friends scared for their lives.

More earthquakes were to be expected and it was stated that it was going to get worse, and it was.  More earthquakes were hitting almost every five minutes.  The most affected place is Puna, and it is devastating seeing how much lava took over that land and many people around the island are coming together to donate and support those who are in need.