Are juniors ready for the next step?

Shaynee Akina, Reporter

We asked the following questions to some juniors: How do you feel to finally become a senior next year?  Do you know what you want to do after high school yet? If so, what? These students Jessly Cedillos , Reyanna Savedra, Kayla Francisco & Logan Thornton kindly answered the following…

Jessly Cedillos states that she “feels extremely nervous but excited.”  Though her career path is still “undecided” she states, “I hope this next school year I can find out what I want to do.”

Reyanna Savedra states that she “would like to either be a makeup artist or work with special needs children along with going to college.” Though the name of college wasn’t said, she also says, “The thought of being a senior next year is scary but also exciting. I look forward to seeing what next year holds in store and that it turns out to be an excellent one.”

Kayla Francisco states that she feels good to become a senior because it’ll be her last year of high school and due to high college prices she doesn’t want to go to college but does plan on working after school.

Logan Thornton states that “it feels nice to know that senior year is finally here after all these young years of school.” He says that it’s going by too fast that he’s just ready for it; he says that after high school, “I had a plan of heading to the military after high school but I’ve changed my mind and would like to pursue a career with fitness but I would coincide a act of acting or modeling.”