May 24, 2018

Will the following students please see Ms. Kise in Rm. 35 today during lunch recess: Joseph Jiminez, Kaya Galan, Mia Fuertes, and Naomi Ney.

Attention all students who signed up for AP English next year: there will be a MANDATORY meeting tomorrow @ lunch recess in Ms. Brown’s Rm. 33. Be there.

Any students interested in traveling to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria come see Ms. Brown ASAP before school ends.

AP Biology for next year? Mr. Douglas needs to see all AP Biology students who plan to take the course next year. AP Bio is a great course for anyone considering a career in Science or Medicine.

Start turning in your parking passes to Aunty Julie. If you don’t it will be an obligation. If you lost it a $5.00 obligation will be issued in your name.

Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors: the last day of school is quickly approaching, which means its time to start clearing out your lockers. Please have your lockers cleaned and emptied by the end of school on Wednesday, May 30.   If your locker is not cleared out by the end of the school day on the 30th you will be charged a $5 cleaning fee and will be unable to pick up your class schedule for next school year until that fee is paid.

Seniors: University of Hawaii Community Colleges will offer a time-limited scholarship opportunity for 2018 public high school graduates with dual credit. UH Community Colleges will provide a $100 scholarship for books and school supplies to 2018 Hawai’i public high school graduates who:

  • participated in dual credit programs (enrolled in a Spring 2018 course and/or earned credit previously);
  • enroll at a UH community college campus; and
  • register for Fall 2018 classes by June 15, 2018.

Eligible students will receive the scholarship offer via a letter to their home address and email by mid-May.

Seniors: remember to complete your FINAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST for the college / university that you plan to attend. The Transcript Requests are available with Ms. Nietfeld or Mr. Hashimoto. All colleges REQUIRE this to be completed.

Attention Bus Riders: If you are a registered bus rider and you plan to ride the bus NEXT year, please see Aunty Maile for your new handbook and application. The Hawaii State Department of Education strongly encourages current bus riders to pre-register as early as possible by submitting a completed bus pass application form to the school office before Thursday, May 31, 2018.


Braddah Pops pick-up is scheduled for Wednesday, May 30th from 3pm-6pm. If you sold pops, please let your buyers know to pick them up next Wednesday in front of Aunty Shirley’s Rm. 28. Mr. Douglas will be there.

The Student Credit Union will be closed for the rest of the school year.

Seniors…….2day is your last school day!!! Congrats & Good Luck!!

Underclassmen…………….5 school days til summer!!

Teachers………..6 work days til summer!!