Kohala Cowboys post preseason scrimmages against HPA and Seabury

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Last weekend on Saturday, August 18th, 2018, the Kohala Cowboys faced off against HPA and Seabury in a three-way scrimmage. They practiced along side the two teams and learned as much as they could to prep for this year’s football season.

In the first game, Kohala played against HPA in an 11-man team, surprisingly holding their own against them.  Then for the second and the fourth game, HPA and Seabury faced off in a fiery head to head clash, in an 11-man team.  Finally in the third game, Kohala went against Seabury with an 11-man team, both teams dominating in an all out battle.

This three-way scrimmage was very successful and a great learning experience for the Kohala Cowboys. They’ve been working hard, sharpening their skills, prepping their plays, and even hungrier to hit this season. This is only the beginning; this time they plan to make a statement and they will.