The Missing Shelf

Gillian Ward, Reporter

There was a disturbance in the girls restroom at Kohala High School recently. As students walked into the restroom they noticed that something was missing… The shelf that used to be drilled to the wall in its home between the two doors of the restroom was gone. This is where girls placed their bags, bottles, backpacks, and planners when they entered the restroom. Now personal items have to be put on the floor.

Many of the girls at Kohala High School do not want to bring their items into the stall for sanitary purposes. Some have made the case that since students are supposed to take their planners with them every time they use the restroom during class, and that they can no longer place it on a handy shelf, it must be taken into the stall. The amount of germs accumulated on those planners could be serious, but do all students agree with these high stakes?

Donna Botelho, a senior, agrees with the popular opinion of the topic claiming that “I don’t like putting my stuff on the floor; that is dirty and disgusting.”

“It’s just stupid; why did they do that?” questioned Aliyah Page, a senior.

The absence of the shelf has left a bare space that Donna also stated is “ugly and inconvenient”.

But is the absence of the shelf that big of a deal?

When I asked sophomore Jessica Andrews about her opinion on the matter she said “I actually didn’t notice.”

It seems that some girls mind and others don’t, but how would boys feel?

I told Nick Quinn, a junior about the missing shelf in the girls bathroom, and his reaction was “There’s a shelf in the girls bathroom?” I asked him if there was a shelf in the boys room and if it had also been taken down; he claimed that there might be a shelf in the restroom, but boys usually just put their stuff on the ground.

The situation has left girls at Kohala High School wondering why the shelf was taken down in the first place.

Ms. Colleen Pasco shared that she has had shelves removed from her classroom in the past as well. She said that it may have been taken down due to an ADS requirement. “If it’s a certain height, somebody could hit their head, and there are [also] ADS rules about compliance for people with disabilities.”

So is the missing shelf a big deal? Does it matter?

Senior Kamaile Gusman had her own opinion on the situation; she expressed “I think that the lack of the shelf in our restroom is inconvenient for many students, because oftentimes the restrooms can be quite dirty, and now we have to put our things on the floor.”

With all the construction at school right now, the possibility of a new shelf is looking slim, and although the missing shelf is inconvenient now, the girls at Kohala High School will most likely soon forget the shelf that once held their belongings.