Construction Work all Around KHS!


Donna Botelho, Journalist

Kohala High School just began classes three weeks ago; however, the campus is not ready for the students return yet. Take one look around the campus and you can see the construction spreads throughout the entire campus. Some teachers, including Mr.Peterson and Ms.Tanaka have construction happening within their classroom. More specifically, their sinks, which can be slightly distracting for the students.

The construction work is for the purpose of making the school better suited for the disabled and the handicapped, which means the construction spans all around the campus, from next to the gym all the way down to the bottom of the school, next to Ms.Greene’s classroom. They are creating more handicap accessible walkways and removing anything that could potentially inhibit them from an easy time around the campus.

Student Aliyah Page said “It makes it hard for me to learn in class and I have to travel more distance around the school.” Which was a sentiment also echoed by Senior Kamaile Gusman. The construction hopefully will be finished before the end of the school year and the campus be will better suited for the disabled and students will be able to focus better during the day.